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Welcome to Clara’s Hofke

As described in our mission statement, diversity is an important value within the organization of Crèche Clara’s Hofke.

As our community is becoming more and more diverse, we are doing our absolute best efforts to achieve that Clara’s Hofke becomes a reflection of society. Integration of several cultures means an enrichment for the growth and development of our children.

To realize this, a good communication between parents and Clara’s Hofke is very important.

Not all our parents speak fluent Dutch but this doesn’t have to create difficulties. Aside from Dutch, the staff members of Clara’s Hofke have the skills to also communicate in English and French. Language will never be a barrier at Clara’s Hofke, on the contrary.

At this moment, only this small part of our website is translated in English. Please read about our vision and strategy below. In order to make sure that both parties understand each other well, we would like to invite you to contact us, so we can arrange an appointment. That way, we can tell you a lot more and make room for all your questions and remarks.

You can do so by email (info@clarashofke.be) or by telephone (+32 (0)14 67 85 80).

Vision and Strategy

Children are stong an capable

At Clara’s Hofke we find it important to start from the strength of every child, from their talents, possibilities and their interests. We believe strongly in the quote:" Every child is a starn it's our job to make the star shine". We always look at what's already within their possibilities and trigger them to try new things and learn from each other. 

Children are by nature little explorers who by trying, learn, experience and grow. We give them the space to develop new experiences so we can enrich their world. We give them responsibility and stimulate their independance.  

Children should feel good, be involved and have fun during their stay with us.  We observe and adjust our toys and activities according their interest. The proces is more important than the result. We welcome initiative, creativity en their independance with respect for the diversity of every child. 

Clara's Hofke wants to be an example for the children by leaving them in their strength without forgetting the individuality of every child. We focus on solutions and possibilities and not on problems. We create a warm and welcome environment with respect, proximity and an open dialog. 

We document our work  by using foto's this for the parents, the children and the staff.

Want to learn more about our vision and strategy? Please contact us at info@clarashofke.be or 014/67.85.80. We are passionate to tell you more.

Everybody welcome

Crèche Clara’s Hofke is trying to give a solution when parents have a need for child care.

We are working in a very accessible way and reaching out for all children. Children with a special request for care are of course also welcome.

Our aim is to offer high quality childcare with respect for the identity of each child. This means that we take as much as possible into consideration the expectations of the parents and the children, taking into account the possibilities of our team members.

Please feel welcome to contact us at info@clarashofke.be or +32 (0)14 67 85 80

Our team is composed of professional trained persons aiming for an ideal pedagogical climate. We create a safe and healthy environment where children are on their ease.

Play activities and hugging moments are important. Feeling secure is fundamental for a basic trust feeling. Furthermore, we provide a child friendly infrastructure with adapted play and toys. In this way, the children are challenged to become active and creative, alone or with other children. This is an important stimulation for their social and emotional development.